enterprise funding

Relations with financial institutions

We have developed personal business relationships with financial institutions, banks, capital funds, private equity funds, industry investors and angel investors.

Possibilities of enterprise recapitalisation

We have a good understanding of how various forms of funding should be combined for individual entrepreneurs so that they can finance their growth at the lowest cost. We combine grants with a loan, an investor, a subordinated loan, an investor, a PE, a VC in a single investment. Instead of remuneration, we often propose taking the company's shares for a brief period of time.

In collaboration with multiple financial institutions, we help to organise an appropriate debt instrument to fit the Client’s needs:

  • Bank investment loans
  • Issue of debt securities, e.g. bonds
  • Short-term bank loans
  • Other instruments prepared according to specific needs.

Personal relations with PE/VC funds

Taking into consideration the experience and the ongoing collaboration with the PE/VC Funds, ABBEYS FINANCE is able to arrange a meeting with the appropriate fund and to see the recapitalisation process through.

We take our client from A to Z

We determine whether a company is allowed to receive various forms of funding at the same time. If approved, we undertake to run the task from A to Z.

Offer of long-term building of the business

  • Company valuation
  • Legal and economic analysis
  • Negotiations
  • Restructuring
  • Transaction concept scenarios
  • Investment memorandum
  • Advisory services
  • Loan promises
  • Bank loans
  • Private loans
ABBEYS distinctions

Awards and certificates for ABBEYS achievements

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