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ABBEYS is the LEADER in Poland in procuring grants from EU funds

We have procured grants for companies for 14 years. Since 2004, ABBEYS experts have been quoted by television, journals and opinion magazines.

Since then we have published 122 articles in both national press and trade journals, and our experts have given 71 radio and television interviews.

Our Clients’ investments currently total 8.1 billion zlotys

  • ABBEYS has settled EU projects of a total value of 8,156,987,423.23 zlotys.
  • 79% of ABBEYS clients are small and medium-sized enterprises and 21% are large companies.
  • 13 of ABBEYS clients are among the 500 largest Polish companies.
  • 12 of ABBEYS clients are the most valuable Polish brands. Since 2004, ABBEYS has provided consultation services to 498 companies.
  • ABBEYS has among its Clients 1 Fortune 500 company and 2 of the 25 most recognised global brands by the Forbes magazine.
  • ABBEYS has procured 7.3% of all the grants awarded to companies in Poland for innovation.

The largest ABBEYS project: 156.9 MILLION ZLOTYS

The largest submitted grant amounted to 156,900,000 zlotys and was related to a technological investment. The smallest grant procured by ABBEYS has been for VERUS Logistics Sp. z o.o. and its value was 64,765 zlotys.

Distinctions in professional rankings

  • 1st place in the 2009 Ranking of the Most Effective Consulting Companies according to the European Funds Magazine in the Large Enterprises category
  • 2nd place in the 2011 Ranking of the Most Effective Consulting Companies according to the European Funds Magazine in the Large Enterprises category
  • 5th place in the general classification in the ranking of the Most Effective Consultants according to the Forbes Magazine
  • An EU Commissioner Award for the best written training project for SCANIA in Europe.
  • ABBEYS CEO voted the 2009 Woman of Success by viewers of the morning television show “Dzień Dobry TVN”
  • The most recent distinction for the best written EU project in Poland and the grant agreement signing ceremony at CONCEPT STAL by Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

The highest effectiveness before the European Commission

Of the 5 companies competing for grants before the European Commission, ABBEYS has successfully defended 3 projects and provided advisory services to the client throughout the two years of working together with the European Commission in Warsaw and Brussels.

We take our client from A to Z

We assess the eligibility of the proposed investment for a grant.  We modify the investment and get back to the client with a concept. If the client agrees to the modified approach, we undertake efforts to procure a grant from the EU.

The tasks we are interested in are those with more than 80% chances of procurement success. We take care of the entire EU grant settlement procedure, including the official EU audit. We are present during every inspection.

We know how to do our jobs and we know what a project should look like to guarantee the winning of funds.

Sometimes the entrepreneurs are not willing to change their investments according to our suggestions. We understand that and always look for solutions that the entrepreneur will feel comfortable with and that will satisfy all the EU policies.

In this line of business, TRANSPARENCY as well as effectiveness is important. ABBEYS have been quoted in the national press and on public and private television.

We do not expose our Clients to non-transparent activities in the legal sense, and follow the EU and local laws in our consultation services, leaving no room for ambiguity.

ABBEYS distinctions

Awards and certificates for ABBEYS achievements

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