"Integrating the company appreciated"

Date of publication 06 cze

Entrepreneurs from the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises once again will be able to seek grants for the creation of electronic systems ensuring the automatic exchange of information.

"The acquisition of grants the EU's effort, which largely rests with the source of preparing proposals. Acquisition of grants does not mean the actual impact of the company. Begins the process for their reception. The procedure of the clearance of grants, reporting, conducting of tenders, control, communication with authorities implementing is no small commitment for the entrepreneur, whose daily routine is to create profit for the company.

Whether or not it would be useful to consider recognition of the costs of the settlement subsidy for the cost of a certified?

If the trader does not have to build this competence among its crew. According to the regulation of 13.08.08, eligible expenditure certified in action 8.2 PO IG is "the purchase of preparatory and advisory services for the it organization, technical, implementation, legal and other expert services related in particular in the area of reinżynierii business processes, reorganization of enterprises, endocrine function, secretion of tasks and and the creation of virtual enterprises, services provided by outside consultants, where these services cannot constitute a continuous or periodic activity of the trader or be related to current operating expenditure ".

Advisory in nature as described in the regulation are not identical to the services related to the clearance. Thus the settlement grants remains the financial effort or responsibility of the trader. "

Article on the issue of the Republic of 25.05.2012, no 121

06 cze