Abbeys Finance deals with consulting in raising capital on the private market, in particular from institutional (financial) and (industry) investors as well as from wealthy investors.

Services provided by Abbeys Finance with these projects include:

  • Analysing the company's situation
  • Financial consultancy (e.g. collaboration with the preparation of financial forecasts, financial and economic analysis of the transaction outcomes)
  • Company valuation
  • Preparing a business plan / information memorandum
  • Contacts with prospective investors
  • Participating in negotiations of the structure and conditions of the transaction with investors/banks

Taking into consideration the experience and the ongoing collaboration with the PE/VC Funds, Abbeys Finance is able to arrange a meeting with the appropriate fund and to see the recapitalisation process through.

through banks

Funding through a bank debt is a process during which having a financial advisor has the advantage of providing an objective presentation of the company and the prospective investment project that is consistent with the analytical standards of the banks, which increases reliability and thus allows to negotiate favorable financing conditions more rapidly.

For many years now, Abbey Finance has worked together with most banks in Poland


Private equity (PE) investments are made by specialised funds that acquire shares and stocks in companies not listed on a regulated public market in order to increase their value and sell them at profit in the future.

Individual funds have their own investment policies, which often prefers selected industries, geographic regions or stages of company development.

The uniqueness of the activities of PE/VC funds lies in the fact that throughout the duration of the investment (on average, from three to seven years) they support the enterprise not only with their own capital, but also with their management team's knowledge and experience in the field of strategic and financial management and recruitment of managerial staff for the company.

Fund representatives are also active members of supervisory boards.

As a result, by acquiring funding through a PE/VC fund, the entrepreneur acquires a partner with whom it builds its own company's value. The fund actively works together with the company’s management board, and the long period of collaboration enables durable implementation of favorable changes, improvements, know-how and management standards in the company. While bearing the risk of enterprise development just as the other shareholders do, the fund is interested in effective building of the company's value, flexibly responding to the macro- and microeconomic situation and to the changes taking place in the industry.

We have years of experience and contacts with the majority of PE and VC funds.

We know the preferences and investment strategies of the funds, which allows us to reach the right fund directly and recommend the future transaction in the right manner.

Merger and acquisition
(M&A) transactions

Mergers and acquisitions are transactions carried out by enterprises to achieve specific strategic and financial objectives.

They may result in a merger of two business entities into one organisation in such a way as to achieve new goals, jointly participating in the market (a merger) or in the acquisition of such stocks or shares of one company by another, which offers complete control, as a result of which the acquired company is included in the organisational structure of the acquiring company (a takeover).

Mergers and acquisitions can be effected between companies that are completely different in terms of management style, organisational culture or value systems, hence the success of such an operation depends on how effectively they can integrate with each other.

Consultancy services for mergers and acquisitions include:

  • Establishing a list of potential investors
  • Company valuation
  • Preparing offers and information memoranda
  • Developing a transaction structure
  • Conducting the due diligence process
  • Preparation of the concept and organisation of transaction funding
  • Negotiations
  • Organising and coordinating the work of other experts (auditors, industry specialists, law firms, auditors, tax advisers)

of bonds

Issue of bonds provides an alternative source of capital for share issue and investment loan. Together with our Partners, we help in the comprehensive handling of the bond issue process under both public and private offer.


As part of collaboration with our Partners, we provide financial and economic analysis and valuation of enterprises, including:

  • Conducting a company valuation
  • Developing a strategy and defining its key parameters
  • Supervising the transaction process
  • Preparing an information memorandum
  • Reaching the widest possible circle of potential investors
  • Conducting negotiations
  • Preparing initial and final offers
  • Helping to obtain appropriate permits

Having an Advisor has the advantages of a significant shortening of the time necessary to obtain debt financing and improving the conditions of such financing.

The presence of an Advisor who skilfully presents the company and the planned transaction increases the company's credibility and thus gives the opportunity to negotiate better financing conditions.

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