Procurement of grants for:

  • Modernising a manufacturing plant with a view to launching a new product or service
  • Constructing a new manufacturing plant plant or service facility
  • Purchasing or modernising machines and equipment with a view to launching an innovative product or service
  • Investments in the filed of environment protection
  • Research and development activities, including prototype construction
  • Training programmes
  • IT investments
  • Investments into research and development centres and clusters
  • Venture capital activity etc.

Map of grants according to the intensity of support:Enterprise size

of grants

We offer the following services as part of grant settlement:

  • Consultation services concerning the keeping of accounting records in accordance with the EU and local regulations
  • Consultation services concerning inspections and assignments of accounting documents
  • Preparation of financial reports
  • Preparation of quarterly reports and the final report
  • Consultation services regarding product promotion and visibility
  • Submission of documentation to the competent Implementing Institution
  • Representation before all official bodies throughout the entire grant settlement process
  • Taking care of all the correspondence in response to queries received from all the implementing bodies
  • Maintaining active contact with the Implementing Institution
  • European audits


Activities carried out as part of the analysis:

  • Analysing the investment project in terms of eligibility for grants from public or preferential funds
  • Verifying investment and cost outlays in terms of qualification as investments within the meaning of the provisions on State aid and for meeting formal requirements entitling the applicant to submit EU documentation under the European, Community and national programmes
  • Evaluating the indicated solutions in terms of their chances of effective application and presentation of the analysis of funding sources for the projects

ABBEYS assumes responsibility for the entire process of grant procurement, including the final settlement of the received funds and completion of all the obligations towards the European Union.

The fact that ABBEYS accompanies the Client until all the EU matters have been finalised is very important to our Clients, as it reaffirms the security of the process of grant procurement.

of use strategy

Developing a strategy for the long-term use of the grant.

Preparation of the strategy for the long-term use of the grant is preceded by an analysis of the investment plans of the applicant or the entire GROUP.

The analysis results will tell us what sources of funding to use for the prospective investments, how to merge them and how to apply for grants.

It is a compendium of information for the management that is necessary in the process of making strategic decisions for the company's further growth.


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