ABBEYS WAY: our own methodology of preparation of EU projects.

In the course of nearly 20 years of operations ABBEYS developed its own methodology of ABBEYS WAY which helps to define the technological and business assumptions of the investment in accordance with the current priorities of the EU strategy and criteria for the assessment and selection of projects applying for co-financing. ABBEYS WAY helps to present the client’s investment in a professional way that is comprehensible to EU officials. ABBEYS WAY helps to obtain a grant as part of both horizontal and regional aid from the EU. Our methodology is based on multi-dimensional analysis of projects within the scope of EU strategy, criteria for the assessment and selection of applications, and course of application assessment procedure. The analysis is based on the comprehensive approach to the client’s project and the work of interdisciplinary team of ABBEYS experts in various fields: project managers, consultants, business analysts, engineers, lawyers and economists.

The ABBEYS experts help you to align your plans and expectations with the possibilities offered by the EU investment funds. We perform all of our actions on the basis of our long-term experience in the scope of EU grants. In this way we will help to obtain the co-financing of investment from the EU and achieve commercial success with your venture.

What is important in this line of work is effectiveness, but also transparency. We are always looking for solutions that comply with all EU policies. We do not expose our clients to actions that are not transparent in legal terms and, in our consultations, we strictly observe the provisions of the European and national law, with no room for uncertainties.

ABBEYS WAY: 10 steps to success

  1. Analysis and assessment of the planned investment (technology, product,market) in terms of possibility to obtain the EU co-financing
  2. Suggested modification of investment in terms of successful grant award (that is priority goals of the EU strategy) and preliminary proposal for the selection of sources of EU co-financing for the investment (EU funds)
  3. Mapping of processes and optimisation of (technical, know-how, human) resources in the context of market surrounding and EU priorities and criteria for grant award.
  4. Final selection of the optimum source of EU co-financing for the investment.
  5. Preparation of complete subject-matter descriptions to the application for the EU co-financing.
  6. Verification of the readiness of investment for submitting grant application by internal expert on EU grants.
  7. Submitting complete EU grant application to the relevant EU authority.
  8. Training for the client on the correct course of conversation with EU officials during the assessment process.
  9. Subject-matter assistance in gathering full set of documents necessary to conclude the co-financing agreement.
  10. Handling of the process of settlement of grant tranches, investment expenses and EU reporting.


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