EU grants for RES, energy transformation and environmental protection

The goal of the EU project concerning energy transformation of your company should be the change of energy mix you use to your own renewable energy sources (RES) and the related reduction of carbon footprint. In the case of investment in sewage treatment plant, the goal must be the increase in water treatment capacity in m3. The investments in recycling systems should, in turn, be characterised with the reduced quantity of generated waste thanks to their reuse/ reprocessing in the circular economy system.

In the current budget outlook the Cohesion Fund of the European Union can offer Polish companies with support of EUR 3 billion for investments in energy transformation of companies and EUR 1.5 billion for investments in sewage treatment plants and recycling. The energy transformation, water resources protection and circular economy belong to the key goals of sustainable development strategy of the EU.

We prepare the EU grant application for your company for investments within the scope of RES installations and projects related to environmental protection

The preparation of application for the EU co-financing of RES projects starts with the presentation of the planned investment by your company, current profile of electric energy consumption, estimated budget and its components.

Then our team presents the framework schedule of cooperation aimed at the comprehensive preparation of the EU grant application for investments in RES in your company. Complete application includes:

  • completion of the analysis of enterprise status and capital/ personal relations
  • completion of the analysis of investment in terms of location and subject of the investment
  • completion of the analysis of investment in terms of possibility to obtain grants from specific sources, including public EU or national aid or other preferential measures preparation of investment execution
  • plan preparation of investment
  • execution schedule, with the analysis of eligibility of expenses within the meaning of the provisions of the law on public aid and in terms of possibility to meet formal requirements for receiving EU grant
  • preparation of material and financial budget of the investment
  • preparation of the feasibility study
  • preparation of the financial business plan, with economic profitability indicators for the investment

Investment budget of projects related to the construction of RES installation may include expenses on:

  • elements of photovoltaic installations, e.g. inverters, panels, cables,
  • assembly of elements of cogeneration plants, e.g. engines, generators,
  • assembly of elements of trigeneration systems, e.g. engines, generators,
  • assembly of biogas plant elements, e.g. reactors, installations,
  • assembly of wind generators, e.g. foundations, towers, generators,
  • assembly of energy storage transformer stations with necessary infrastructure

The cooperation with your company in the preparation of the above-mentioned EU grant application is handled by the ABBEYS team comprised of project managers, engineers, analysts, consultants, experts from legal and tax department that provide comprehensive consultancy at every stage of the process of preparation and submitting of application for the co-financing to the relevant EU authorities. In the course of cooperation our team employs our own methodology of preparing EU application, the ABBEYS WAY. Find out more about the ABBEYS WAY.


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