Why is it worthwhile to get an EU grant?

ABBEYS is a leader in obtaining grants from EU funds

We help your company to obtain capital injection in the form of non-reimbursable grants from EU investment funds. For our clients we have successfully obtained more than PLN 5 billion in grants. So far we completed 750 projects from companies from various industries, including metal processing, plastics processing, wood processing, food production, production of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, automotive industry, or IT software production. Every company in Poland that deals with productionor technologically advanced services may apply for a grant to finance its projects with EU investment funds.

EU encourages investments in new production technologies and RES

In the years 2021-2030 the European Union offers as much as EUR 16.5 billion of grants for Polish companies in horizontal and regional aid. Where EUR 12 billion of grants is offered for the implementation of enhanced production technologies, EUR 3 billion for investments related to energy transformation, and EUR 1.5 billion for environmental protection in companies, particularly as part of co-financing of the construction or modernisation of sewage treatment plants. Some of these funds may be awarded to your company.

Offer for handling the process of obtaining EU grants

ABBEYS WAY: 10 steps to success

In the course of nearly 20 years of operations ABBEYS developed its own methodology of ABBEYS WAY which helps to define the technological and business assumptions of the investment in accordance with the current priorities of the EU strategy and criteria for the assessment and selection of projects applying for co-financing. ABBEYS WAY helps to present the client’s investment in a professional way that is comprehensible to EU officials. ABBEYS WAY helps to obtain a grant as part of both horizontal and regional aid from the EU. Our methodology is based on multi-dimensional analysis of projects within the scope of EU strategy, criteria for the assessment and selection of applications, and course of application assessment procedure. The analysis is based on the comprehensive approach to the client’s project and the work of interdisciplinary team of ABBEYS experts in various fields: project managers, consultants, business analysts, engineers, lawyers and economists.

The ABBEYS experts help you to align your plans and expectations with the possibilities offered by the EU investment funds. We perform all of our actions on the basis of our long-term experience

Grants for production and new technologies

We comprehensively draft subject-matter application for grant, with description of the plan for the development of your company. In order to obtain the EU grant, your plan must include the goals and priorities of the EU strategy. Our team has the experience and employs our own methodology of ABBEYS WAY that allows for the proper inclusion of such EU goals in the drafted application and thus the obtaining of the grant for the development of your company.

The prepared application for obtaining grant for investments in new production technologies may include expenses for:

  • land and production halls
  • production lines
  • furnishing with production machines and devices operating
  • costs of implementation and development of new or improved products
  • other expenses

The effectiveness of applications prepared by us is proven with facts. We obtained 8% of all EU grants awarded to companies in Poland within the scope of investments in production.

Grants for RES and energy transformation

We prepare comprehensive applications for EU grants related to investments in renewable energy sources, energy transformation and environmental protection. In the course of cooperation our team also prepares feasibility studies for the projects. Investments in RES, energy transformation and environmental protection should aim for the change of the energy mix your company uses and the related reduction of CO2 carbon footprint, or the protection of the environment within the scope of sewage treatment and recycling.

Settlement and reporting for the project

We assume responsibility for the entire process of settlement and reporting for investment covered with the EU grant, as set forth in the co-financing agreement concluded with a competent EU body. We support your company and supervise the settlement of tranches of the grant and individual investment expenses for the final completion of the project. ABBEYS support is a vital element of our clients’ business security which gives us certainty of proper supervision over the grant settlement process. We take care of the entire process of settlement of the EU project, including the official EU audit. Our experts are also present at every inspection conducted by EU bodies.

Financing of own contribution

We obtain capital and give advice on the selection of strategy of capital injection for companies necessary to finance their own contribution to projects subject to EU co- financing. We know how to combine various forms of financing of one business entity so that the financing of its development would be most favourable. We combine EU grants with bank credit, private investor, subordinated loan or PE/VC fund in one investment. We cooperate with many financial institutions. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we successfully help our client to organise the right financial instrument adjusted to their needs. We have established personal business relations with financial institutions, banks, capital funds, private equity funds, trade investors and business angels, and thus we can effectively complete orders for obtaining private capital for investments conducted by our clients.

ABBEYS co-financing from the European Union

We help to obtain the co-financing from the European Union in the form of grants for the development of the company and investments in RES and energy transformation. EU funds obtained for our clients as grants from the European Union for enterprises have a real impact on the development and improvement of financial results of the ABBEYS’ clients. The grants for enterprises that we obtained gave a clear impulse for development in the form of optimisation of production processes and sales volume in our clients after the completion of investments co-financed by the EU.  Therefore, the co-financing for companies with EU funds is the best way to improve the effectiveness of your business.

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